RELA Gets First-Hand TCMS V2 Training

Dutarini Sdn Bhd, a local company that is involved in supplying ICT products and services to private and government sectors in Malaysia has recently secured a project to install 160 units of FingerTecfingerprint time attendance TA100C systems at RELA (The People’s Volunteer Corp) branches nationwide soon. The move to install biometrics time attendance solutions in RELA organization is mainly to provide a better solution in time attendance and activity tracking of the volunteers with an automated and centralized system, documentation and having reliable audit trails for future reviews by the authorities. RELA operates under the Malaysia’s Home Affairs Ministry to act as the ‘eyes’ and ‘ears’ of the government, collecting information for enforcement units and patrol respective districts for crime prevention.

Once the installation was completed, on March 11 2015, 80 select RELA participants were invited to attend the training of TCMS V2 jointly conducted by Dutarini Sdn Bhd and FingerTec located at                                                     Kompleks Kementerian Dalam Negeri (Home Affairs Ministry) in Putrajaya. The participants were briefed on a variety of topics including the configurations of the TCMS V2, how to manage and handle user credentials, features of the software such as attendance records and scheduling settings, exporting and preparation of reports, integration of TCMS with 3rd party payroll applications and other useful configurations.

The aim of the training was double-edged, to provide the participants with the know-how of operating the software and to stress on the importance of keeping time in-check amongst the RELA volunteers. It is hoped that the implementation of the system in this organization can further strengthen the discipline of its members on top of providing the management with the complete overview of the organization’s activities all around the country.

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